Installation in concrete constructions

THE NEW JUNCTION BOX SYSTEM is intended for the cast concrete structures, and it allows end installation of all devices such as sockets, switches etc. The boxes are fastened to the form-work using mounting covers, no longer needing cable sleeves and safety springs used with old systems. Innovative and top quality production prevents cement slurry from entering the boxes and makes the installation faster. Different methods are used to fasten the boxes onto the form-work, depending on forms used. Wood screws are used on wooden form-works. Holes are drilled on metal form-works, rubber covered magnetic spherical caps are used or the boxes can be glued to the form-work.

INSTALLATION METHOD Fasten the yellow mounting cover to the form-work. Cut out the holes in the box and insert the conduits. The box is then pressed onto the mounting cover and closed with the green cover.

SALES METHOD In the first half of the catalog there are full sets of boxes and covers for easier navigation and ordering. In the second half there are separate articles that can be assembled as requested.